15th Moon Art Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan

This event was held at Suikeien Garden (Gallery Tsuki no Niwa) in Keihanna Memorial Park. In this 15th Moon Art Exhibition, only works that have passed the screening of open recruitment, will be exhibited at the venue. It was the first time for me to win the public offering, so I took the plunge and went to Kyoto. This time I had a very good experience.
Date: Sep.19,2019 (23 days)

Two-person Exhibition at Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan

We rented the event venue of Roppongi Space Billion and held a collaboration with a partner. For the first exhibition I held, I think I was able to experience the hardships of the event for the first time due to a series of tensions and anxieties from the preparatory stage. The streets were full of illuminations as it was held during the Christmas season.
Date: Dec.6,2019 (3 days)


This is the first case of exhibiting at an overseas exhibition (sponsored by Qualiart).At this exhibition, local judges will judge, so it is an opportunity to get the evaluation of foreigners.139 works were exhibited at this exhibition, and I won the Nadine Leblanc Award from among them. This gave me a lot of confidence and at the same time I knew what I should do.
Date: Dec.14,2020 (5 days)

Modern Sumism at Komae-city in Tokyo, Japan

Modan Mism is a solo Japanese calligraphy art exhibition.With the cooperation of my family, I did almost everything by myself.This time, in addition to Japanese calligraphy art works, animal illustration works were also exhibited.When it was over, the animal illustrations were very popular and I received a request to make a postcard.
Date: Jun.7,2021 (7 days)

10th ZEN Exhibition in Kanagawa, Japan

The ZEN exhibition is not limited to Japanese calligraphy, but is aimed at art in general, and all the works of the exhibitors are full of charm and overwhelming. With the development as a reward, I will be qualified to participate in the zen exhibition in Ueno in 2022 , and I feel that I will be tightened. In addition, I was able to win the award for excellence.
Date: Nov.17,2021 (5 days)

One of the activities of Studio Meilies in Japan

Studio Meilies is entrusted with the production of Japanese calligraphy art works in response to requests only in Japan. For more information, please contact us.

One of the activities of Studio Meilies in Japan

Currently, we are producing and selling original goods with illustrations of dog and cat characters. If you like the characters of illustrations and would like to request a license, please feel free to contact us.

One of the activities of Studio Meilies in Japan

Studio Meilies holds a Japanese calligraphy art class in Sagamihara, Japan. If you would like to experience it, please feel free to contact us, although it is only in Japan.



Studio Meilies, with the cooperation of DISOPA, is promoting the business development of Japanese calligraphy art works and goods with the theme of animal characters.